Terms of Service

Scope of work:

TriStar Tables (Ryan Cox) will construct per the design presented to and approved by the client.  Materials and finish(es) to be used as specified in the design.  Any deviation from the materials and/or finish(es) will be approved by the client prior to utilization.  Joinery and fasteners will be used at the discretion of TriStar Tables (Ryan Cox), unless specifically called out in the design.  Any changes made by the client to the design and/or materials and finish(es) will result in a project cost adjustment.  While every effort is made to hand select the very best materials for the project, the client understands that wood and wood products are natural and thus may contain color and grain irregularities, knots, checks, mineral stains, etc.  The client also understands that wood can and will react in varying degrees to changing temperature and humidity conditions by expanding and contracting.  This movement may cause tight fitting parts to bind, surfaces to warp, twist, or move out of square, joints to open, and checks or splits to appear.  Exposure to more severe variations in temperature and humidity as well as sunlight may also cause finishes to change in appearance or to fail.  The client understands and accepts these risks and agrees to hold TriStar Tables (Ryan Cox), harmless for any undesirable characteristics that may develop over time.


This schedule is approximate and is given with consideration to other projects in the shop at the same time.  While every effort will be made to adhere to this schedule, the client understands that schedule overruns are sometimes unavoidable, and that TriStar Tables (Ryan Cox) will not be held responsible for any additional costs or liabilities incurred by the client as a result of the project not meeting the given schedule.

Payment Terms:

Payment for the project will consist of 50% of the bid amount down at, or before the start of the project, with the balance due upon pickup or delivery.  Any extra cost overruns not included in the bid are also due at the time of pickup or delivery.